A fascinating place

The sights, the colors and the sounds were all spectacular accents to this new world we were able to explore.  Japan was a fascinating place filled with things one might not have known ever existed.  It’s an amazing cultural adventure, and I would go again in a heartbeat.

Lizette Garcia, Winter Term 2010

Missing Tokyo…

The Japan winter term was *THE* best experience I have ever had in my life! The people were friendly, the country was incredibly clean, and Adachi sensei gave us the most amazing activities ever. Whether it was watching sumo, singing karaoke, visting temples, or just exploring Tokyo, it was full of awesome sights.  I want to go back so bad XD

Matt Rynalski, Winter Term in Japan 2010

Tokyo— You wish you were here!

This is where all cultures from across the globe unite on a dance floor.

All fashion enthusiasts aspire to strut their stuff on the sidewalks of Ginza.

The Starbucks never tasted so good— so we give thanks to the Kami— throw your money, bow twice, clap twice, make a wish, and bow with thanks.

Modern Japan sets trends, the rest of us follow, but most struggle to keep up.

Traditional Japan sets the tone but the infusion of globetrotters helps all those who wish to join go on a ride.

I know, I’d be jealous too.

Give me a call the next time you head to Tokyo— I wish I was back….

Nono Bokete, Winter Term in Japan 2010

To describe Tokyo

…the grandure of New York mixed with the energy and lights of Las Vegas…and then multiply it by a hundred…and you will come close to understanding Tokyo. This trip was a life changing experience and every day was above and beyond your wildest expectations. To experience a culture so different from your own and to fall in love with it so quickly…all I can say is thank you a thousand times to Professor Adachi and Eckerd College for opening my eyes.

Slaine Pepi, Winter Term in Japan 2010

Sayonara Tokyo

Ours was a busy and exciting trip, and we are all sad that it had to come to an end.  It was a wonderful experience for everyone, full of memories that will be cherished in the years to come.  We hope you enjoyed our photo blog.

-Winter Term in Japan 2010

Last event for our trip before returning home — the Farewell Party 1.29

Closing Ceremony, Edo Cultural Center - continued 1.29

Closing Ceremony at Edo Cultural Center, Continued  1.29

Closing Ceremony at the Edo Cultural Center, Japanese Language School  1.29

Tokyo Tower     1.28